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Nirvana: Ain't It A Shame Meaning. The movie The Breakfast Club opens with a passage from David Bowie's "Changes" ("And these children that you spit on..."). For example, if someone spilled ink on a pair of pants that she has just bought, you can say: What a shame! He later covered it on the album Rock 'n' Roll (1975). Cheap Trick's version charted at #35 after being released on their 1978 live album Cheap Trick at Budokan. [16] It was included in their 1963 studio album Ain't That A Shame and 11 Others. "Ain't That a Shame" is a song written by Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew. Lennon later recorded the song in a duet with Yoko Ono, and his fellow Beatle Paul McCartney also recorded the song. Barry from Sauquoit, Ny On October 20th 1955, Elvis and Pat Boone appeared at Brooklyn High School in Cleveland, Ohio at 1:30 p.m., and later that day … Absolutely. Ain't that a shame? ‘Ain’t That A Shame’ was written by Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew. "Ain't That a Shame" was the first song that John Lennon learned to play. He also co-wrote many hit songs, including "Dirty Laundry," "Sunset Grill" and "Tender Is The Night. ", What happens when Kurt Cobain, Iron Maiden and Johnny Lydon are told to lip-synch? my tears fell like rain. Some hilarious "performances. [8] Boone liked to tell a story about a concert at which Domino invited Boone on stage, showed a big gold ring and said, "Pat Boone bought me this ring," since Domino and Bartholomew, as the song's writers, received royalties on it from record sales or radio airplay of other performers' cover versions of their song.[13]. Cheap Trick - Ain't That a Shame (Live 1980) - YouTube ... AMA Domino's recording of the song, originally stated as "Ain't It a Shame", released by Imperial Records in 1955,[1][2] was a hit, eventually selling a million copies. My tears fell like rain Ain't that a shame? Ain't that a shame? Reached No.10 on US Billboard Hot100/ No.1 on US R&B/ No. Katy Perry mentions McDonald's, Beyoncé calls out Red Lobster, and Supertramp shouts out Taco Bell - we found the 10 restaurants most often mentioned in songs. Domino wrote it with Dave Bartholomew, who worked on most of Domino's hits. 2. Lyrics to 'Ain't That A Shame' by Fats Domino: You made me cry, when you said goodbye Ain't that a shame My tears fell like rain Ain't that a shame You're the one to blame shame definition: 1. It first appeared in 1778, evolving from an earlier an't, which arose almost a century earlier as a contraction of are not and am not. Ain't that a shame? my tears fell like rain. Learn more. In 1960, Domino recorded a sequel called "Walking To New Orleans," where he leaves and goes back to his hometown. Master Recorders, 535 North Fairfax Avenue, Hollywood, California, U.S. Universal Recording Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. "Soon (I'll Be Home Again)" (from the same album), This page was last edited on 19 November 2020, at 17:10. [6] In 1983 Fats Domino re-recorded the song; this recording was included in his last album Alive and Kickin' (2006)[7] under the title "Ain't That a Shame 2000". Ain’t is also influenced by aren’t, the contraction for are not recorded in the late 1600s. Ain’t is recorded in the early 1700s, with amn’t found a century before. Ain't that a shame? Rolling Stone’s definitive list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. My tears fell like rain Ain't that a shame? Imperial Records had the engineers compress Fats' vocals and speed up the song a bit to make the song sound less bluesy and give it more mainstream appeal. A: "Tom and I broke up yesterday." In 2007, this was used in commercials for Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. What a shame we missed the wedding. Which Restaurants Are Most Mentioned In Song Lyrics. One of the most successful songwriters in the business, Desmond co-wrote "Livin' La Vida Loca," "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" and "Livin' On A Prayer.". [8] Domino's version soon became more popular, bringing his music to the mass market a half-dozen years after his first recording, "The Fat Man". This was Fats Domino's first hit song that was not recorded in New Orleans, where the singer lived. Last edited on 19 November 2020, at 17:10, "Fats Domino - Ain't It a Shame / La-La (Imperial 5348 and X5348, April 1955)", "The Story of Fats Domino's 'Ain't That a Shame, "Fats Domino, 'Ain't It a Shame' - 500 Greatest Songs of All Time", "Fats Domino - Fats Domino Swings (12,000,000 Records) (Imperial LP 9062, December 1958)", "Fats Domino - Let's Dance with Domino (Imperial LP-9239, May 1963)", "Fats Domino - Alive and Kickin' (Fats Domino Publishing Company CD, 2006)", "Show 6 – Hail, Hail, Rock 'n' Roll: The Rock Revolution Gets Underway. I can’t imagine why they canceled your show, Tracy. [Part 2]", "Pat Boone - Ain't That a Shame / Tennessee Saturday Night (Dot 45-15377, 26 May 1955)", "Pat Boone - Pat Boone (Dot DLP-3012, 1956)", "Rick Nielsen on Instagram: "#FatsDomino #RIP "To Fats Domino" "Ain't It A Shame" For Selling One Million Records" This Gold Record from 1955 was given to #CheapTrick…, "Ain't That A Shame by Fats Domino Songfacts",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. If something is described as a shame, it is disappointing or not satisfactory: 2. an…. And even though songs like this one were often attached to melancholy lyrics, it was the sound that Domino felt was important - if he could make it … a crying/great/terrible shame It was a crying shame that they lost the game. Ain't that a shame This was a favorite songwriting trick of Domino's, as he looked for a good, simple section to start a song. Concerned about how educated, upper-class whites would respond to the title, he originally wanted it changed to "Isn't That a Shame," but the producers realized the original title would sell better and kept it. ain't (ānt) Nonstandard 1. Other artists to have covered Domino's original version include Hank Williams, Jr. with the Mike Curb Congregation (1971),[18] Tanya Tucker on Lovin' and Learnin' (1976), Brownsville Station on their eponymous 1977 album, and Mud on their 1982 album Mud featuring Les Gray. This was the first song to crossover from the R&B charts to the mostly white pop charts of the day. You're the one to blame Boogie, babe Ain't that a shame? A: "I'm sorry, but I have decided not to accept your offer." The song gained national fame after being covered by Pat Boone. The chords provided are my interpretation and their accuracy is not guaranteed. Usage Note: Ain't has a long history of controversy. Fellow Beatles member Paul McCartney has also recorded the song on multiple occasions; first in 1988 on Снова в СССР, then in 1990 on Tripping the Live Fantastic. Fats Domino’s landmark “Ain’t That A Shame” sold a million copies, topped the Billboard R&B chart, and spawned numerous crossover covers by white artists such as Pat Boone, who Kesha's 2017 track "Woman" was the first song titled "Woman" sung by a woman to reach the Hot 100. Ain't that a shame? Larry Engelmann, “Ain’t That a Shame: Thirty Years Ago, America Experienced Its First Rock ‘n’ Roll Riot,” Los Angles Times, July 6, 1986. “Pat Boone,” . Teresa Brewer, for instance, performed Domino's version of the folk song "Bo Weevil". It reached number 1 on the Bilboard R&B chart and number 10 on the pop chart. This is a heartache song about a breakup that was the other partner's fault. You're the one to blame Oh well, goodbye, although I'm crying Ain't that a shame? As of April 2007, the song can be heard in commercials for Dr Pepper. Instead, "Ain't That a Shame" was put onto tape in a Hollywood studio on March 15th when Fats was on tour in Los Angeles where he played the popular 5-4 Ballroom. Domino si innspeling av songen vart gjeven ut av Imperial Records i 1955, og vart ein hit som etter kvart selde over ein million eksemplar. Domino complimented Boone's cover of the song. He recorded it on March 15, 1955 in a Hollywood studio when he was on tour in Los Angeles. Ain't that a shame? The song is used in the films American Graffiti, October Sky, L.A. Story, School Ties and Mischief. "Ain't That a Shame" is a song written by Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew. A sample of this song is used as a response to an alien invasion in Buchanan & Goodman's 1956 hit, ", Jon Batiste and Gary Clark, Jr. performed this in tribute to Domino at the Grammy Awards in 2018 along with ", More songs that were hits for more than one artist. It can be heard at the end of the Season Four finale of the television series The Shield. what a shame That is really unfortunate; that's too bad. The prior "Woman" singles to reach the chart were all recorded by male acts. Contraction of am not. Domino performed the song in the 1956 film Shake, Rattle & Rock!. you're the one to blame Oh well, goodbye although I'll cry. Lyrics to 'Ain't That a Shame' by Pat Boone. The meaning of this is … Domino recorded it in New Orleans in 1955, and the song became famous after it was recorded by Pat Boone. This was the first song that John Lennon learned to play. It's a shame about the weather. "Ain't It a Shame" was the tune that propelled him into the pop arena once and for all; not appreciably different from a number of other waxings from the same timeframe by the Creole-inflected pianist, its stop-time breaks, a strong mid-tempo rhythm, and a hearty tenor sax break by longtime bandsman Herb Hardesty framed Domino in precisely the correct manner to entice a new demographical influx. Han nådde toppen av Billboard R&B-lista og tiandeplassen på pop-lista. First question: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson appeared in videos for what artist? Ain't that a shame? It reached number 1 on the Billboard R&B chart and number 10 on the pop chart. Tagged: No tags, suggest one. The latter was recorded live during his world tour. Look out Farewell, goodbye Although I'll cry Ain't that a shame? Johnny Cash's wife, June Carter, wrote "Ring Of Fire" about their relationship. Foreigner got the title for "Double Vision" after watching a hockey game where goalie John Davidson got a concussion. Song facts. This also made it more difficult for other artists to cover the song. Cheap Trick's 1978 cover went to #35 in the US and helped make their. 23 on UK Singles Chart. From Wikipedia: “Ain’t That a Shame” is a song written by Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew.Domino’s recording of the song, released by Imperial Records in 1955, was a hit, eventually selling a million copies. [9] After "Ain't That a Shame", mainstream artists began covering Domino's songs. Ain't it a shame to go fishin on a Sunday Ain't it a shame Ain't it a shame to go fishin on a Sunday When you got Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Or Thursday, Friday, Saturday Ain't it a shame [5] Later in 1963 the recording has been overdubbed by vocal chorus for the album Let's Dance with Domino (1963). My tears fell like rain Ain't that a shame? You're the one to blame You broke my heart When you said, "We part" Ain't that a shame? «Ain't That a Shame» er ein song skriven av Fats Domino og Dave Bartholomew. They were joined by Robert Lamm, James Pankow, Lee Loughnane and Walter Parazaider of Chicago, David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple, Steve Miller, Sheryl Crow, Grace Potter, Steven Van Zandt, Rob Thomas and Paul Shaffer. Ain't That a Shame song lyrics are the property of the respective artist, authors and labels, they are intended solely for educational purposes and private study only. We really thought you were the perfect person for the role." B: "Aw, what a shame! You two were such a cute couple!" "Closing Time" by Semisonic was written by the lead singer when his wife was pregnant. Dean's saga began with "Ariel," a song about falling in love with a Jewish girl from New Jersey. It was announced over the PA system that he was suffering from "Double Vision.". Ain’t is a perfectly valid word, but today, ain’t is considered nonstandard. Is ain’t a word? This recording was released in the same month on single[10] under the title "Ain't That a Shame" and was included in his debut album Pat Boone (1956). Domino's recording of the song, originally stated as "Ain't It a Shame", released by Imperial Records in 1955, was a hit, eventually selling a million copies.It reached number 1 on the Billboard R&B chart and number 10 on the pop chart. [14] Domino also gave Cheap Trick his gold record for his 1955 single, which is held by guitarist Rick Nielsen. B: "What a shame. [3] The song is ranked number 438[4] on Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. Danny played guitar on Sweet Baby James, Tapestry, and Running On Empty. It should be replaced by the phrase "stated on both 1955 singles, on three different albums released from 1956 to 1963, and on all their reissues throughout the 1960s and 1980s as "Ain't It a Shame", with the exception of the British label's London Records reissue of the first album, where the song was titled "Ain't That a Shame"". Used also as a contraction for are not, is not, has not, and have not. [12] Nevertheless, Boone's recording of the song was his first Billboard number-one single, spending two weeks as #1 on the Billboard Most Played in Jukeboxes charts. A version of the song by the Four Seasons reached number 22 on the Billboard charts in 1963. Pat Boone recorded the song in May 1955, just after release of Fats Domino single. At the time Fats' "Ain't That a Shame" was at #3 on Billboard's Best Selling R&B Records in Stores chart. Cheap Trick performed the song live as the finale of the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. About Ain't That a Shame "Ain't That a Shame" is a song written by Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew. [11] According to some sources, Pat Boone suggested changing the title and lyrics to "Isn't That a Shame" to make it more appealing to a broader audience but was dissuaded by his producers. You're the one to blame Transcribed by Robin Hood These lyrics were transcribed from the specific recording mentioned above And do not necessarily correspond with lyrics from other recordings, sheet Music, songbooks or lyrics printed on album jackets.

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