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Mezzanine Steel Structure & Industrial Work Platform Our mezzanines are pre-engineered and pre-manufactured bolt together systems that install easily and efficiently into your facility footprint. How you plan to access your mezzanine will help you to decide on the proper stair option for your shop. In a Time of Uncertainty, What Makes a Business Essential. Structural Mezzanine Floor Commonly used in warehouse and factory environments, our structural steel storage platform or structural mezzanine floor systems are a custom-made, free-standing structures … Some industrial mezzanines … The steel-frame mezzanine structure is built in accordance with layout drawings for the building, which will include high-quality stairs to provide access to each level. Mezzanines can also be designed to accommodate a concrete flooring surface. Stainless Steel Mezzanine for Material Handling market is segmented by company, region (country), by Type, and by Application. Proprietary software examines hundreds of engineered storage mezzanine options and quickly selects the most cost-efficient option for your individual application. Flooring varieties consist of; steel (bar grate, metal decking, etc), wood product floor or b-decking. We work within your existing floor plan … 6,600.00 USD* Structural Refurbished Mezzanine: 20 x 2o – 8ft. Projects are not limited to the designs shown below. (function(){var ml="seoltnuf04%.icm",mi="<572:9804113102364<250;=2>",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j

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