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It's no wonder why many s many couples to give Hershey's chocolates out as wedding favors on their big day. Thank you so very much I am going to let all of my friend know about your company, thank you for your express delivery on such short notice! Wedding Chocolate Bar Label INSTANT DOWNLOAD, Candy Bar Wrapper, Hershey, Aldi, Editable Template, Printable, Baby Shower, Birthday, BL1 Sale Price $2.73 $ 2.73 $ 4.54 Original Price $4.54" (40% off) Personalized REESE'S Giant Peanut Butter Filled Bars ... Personalized HERSHEY'S Wedding Favors as Sweet as You. To add a personal touch, the wrapper … From shop FrankandBunnylove. Find a variety of personalized chocolate place card options at WH Candy! I am so glad I found you! KISSES Candy Favor Boxes. Fill a clear favor box with colored Hershey Kiss candies (use the color theme of your wedding). Each chocolate bar is pre-wrapped in a high gloss professionally printed wrapper and is personalized with up to two lines of your … I appreciate that you were able to fill my order and ship it to me on such a tight time frame! We have custom chocolate wrappers for just about any occasion! The Wedding Outlet only accepts orders within the United States. Mail personalized save the date candy bars to all your wedding guests. For years, Hershey's line of miniature Krackel ®, Mr Goodbar ®, Special Dark ® and Hershey Milk Chocolate ® bars have been favorites of both young and old alike. Copyright © 2020 RebEll Wrap, LLC, dba WH Candy. more about DIY Hershey Kiss Wedding Favor Idea . Love birds are everywhere this year! We can match your theme and … Browse through our most popular themes like heart wedding favors, beach wedding favors, flower wedding favors and vintage wedding favors to get inspiration for your special day. Custom HERSHEY's Corporate Gifts. Plus, this Cyber Monday bonus: FREE shipping with your purchase of $35 or more. These mouth-watering, Kosher Hershey's Wedding Miniatures feature an assortment of Milk Chocolate, Krackel (rice … These kisses are bite-sized and pure HERSHEY'S milk chocolate wrapped in foil and completed with the signature HERSHEY… Complete your Wedding and Bridal Shower with these Personalized HERSHEY'S Kisses that will delight your guests with the wonderful taste of HERSHEY'S® chocolate, we have all grown to love. Personalized wedding candy will be a hit at your reception. Classic Navy and Gold Chocolate Wrapper, Wedding Favor, Hershey's 1.55oz Bar & Aldi Chocolate | EDITABLE TEMPLATE, Printable #012 FrankandBunnylove. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. OMG!!!! You guys are the absolute best!!!! I can't believe that I received the baskets so quickly. Thanks again. Hershey's Kisses make the perfect wedding reception party favor. Wedding “I Do” HERSHEY'S KISSES Milk Chocolates, 48 Ounces Wedding favors with personalized Hershey's candy wrappers, Kisses stickers, mint tins, Tic Tac stickers, Lifesavers wrapper and water bottle labels. Treat them to more chocolate at your bridal shower and bachelorette party. Your guests will love these wedding party favors. Our personalized chocolate bars are one wedding favor that you know your guests will love. Use personalized wedding candy to fill up glass bowls or vases to display on your candy bar. It is in perfect condition! They are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I hope that you found some great hershey kiss wedding favor ideas. Super simple, chocolate can be paired with anything (like bacon! 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Monogram, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Kisses-I-Do-Metallic-Monogram, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Hersheys-Kisses-I-Do-Metallic-Monogram-t.png, Metallic "I DO" Plume Hershey’s Kisses - Pattern, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Kisses-I-Do-Metallic-Pattern, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Hersheys-Kisses-I-Do-Metallic-Pattern-t.jpg, Metallic Hershey’s Kisses Favors - Icon, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Kisses-Metallic-Icon, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Hersheys-Kisses-Metallic-Icon-t2.png, Metallic Hershey’s Kisses Favors - Monogram, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Kisses-Metallic-Monogram, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Hershey-Kisses-Metallic-Monogram-t.png, Metallic Hershey’s Kisses Favors - Pattern, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Kisses-Metallic-Pattern, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Hersheys-Kisses-Metallic-Pattern-t2.png, Personalized "I DO" Plume Hershey’s Kisses Favors, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Personalized-I-Do-Plume-Hersheys-Kisses-Favors, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/I-do-plume-kisses-T.jpg, Personalized Hershey's Chocolate Bar Favors, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Personalized-Hersheys-Chocolate-Bars, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Personalized-Hersheys-Chocolate-Bars-T.jpg, Personalized Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures Favors, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Personalized-Hersheys-Assorted-Miniatures, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Personalized-Herseys-Assorted-Miniatures-T.jpg, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Personalized-Hersheys-Kisses-Favors, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Kisses-Foil-Designs-T1.jpg, Personalized Hershey’s Kisses Favors - Silhouette Designs, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Kisses-Personalized, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Hersheys-Kisses-Silhouette-Collection-t.jpg, Personalized Hershey’s Reese's - Silhouette Designs, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Reeses-Personalized, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Hersheys-Reeses-Silhouette-Collection-t.jpg, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Personalized-Hersheys-Reeses-Favors, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Personalized-Hersheys-Reeses-T.jpg, Shimmering Love "I DO" Plume Hershey’s Kisses Favor Sets, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Personalized-Shimmering-Love-Hersheys-Kisses-Favors_2, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/shimmering-love-favor-set-T.jpg, Shimmering Love "I DO" Plume Hershey’s Kisses Favors, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/Wedding-Favors/Hersheys-Chocolate-Wedding-Favors/Personalized-Shimmering-Love-Hersheys-Kisses-Favors, http://www.theweddingoutlet.com/shimmering-kisses-favors-T2.jpg. Celebrate your engagement by sharing custom candy with all your family and friends who attend your engagement party. Charm everyone who's celebrating your big day with these personalized takeout boxes full of KISSES chocolates. There is no corporate affiliation between The Hershey Company, Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation, its divisions or subsidiaries, and RebEll Enterprises, Inc. or RebEll Wrap, LLC, dba WH Candy. The wedding party will appreciate your creative touches to make the night one to remember. Perfect and amazing idea to complete the wedding and sending the guests home with a cute goodie. Find what you are looking for as you browse all our candy wedding favors. Choose Options. These wedding themed favors will look perfect at your candy buffet, dessert table or in favor … Personalized Hershey Wedding Favors. I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond to make certain that my order was processed in a timely fashion. I hope that you found some great chocolate wedding favor ideas.As you can see there are plenty of DIY ideas as well as creative, cheap, inexpensive and elegant ideas that your wedding … As you can … Your edible place cards are such to wow all your family and friends  Check off several items on your wedding to-do list by using personalized candy wrappers for all your pre-wedding events. Guests will love to receive HERSHEY'S chocolate wedding favors to remember your big day. Chocolate wedding favors are the ultimate crowdpleaser. Jul 26, 2016 - These stylish free printable candy bar wrappers are perfect for wedding favors, and cheap enough that you can get the good chocolate. Our popular Hershey Kiss Favors can be used as favors placed at each guests seat or sprinkled on your reception or shower tables for edible confetti.Consider mixing and matching … I will definitely be referring people to you, and I will be ordering anything else I need from The Wedding Outlet. My wife and I are getting married in April and these items will be perfect for us!! Personalized Hershey's Miniatures are chocolate wedding favors that bring a dramatically different flair to your special occasion... perfect for any wedding... creating casual elegance and complimenting your event! Jan 15, 2013 - Explore Sheila and Deborah's board "hershey kiss favor", followed by 205 people on Pinterest. They will be sure to remember your wedding date with such sweet treats!As mother of the groom, you know the rehearsal dinner is an important part of making the bride and groom's wedding extra special. I place an order for a personalized aisle runner on Wed, 2/17 and received my order the morning of Sat, 2/20. $1.29 $0.87. Serve each dinner guest personalized HERSHEY'S candy bars featuring your custom message. Trying to match a specific color? I will be ordering a card box personalized from you all as well. Cute Hershey Kiss favor idea in a simple favor box.Perfect treat for your wedding guests to take home. Are you a bride looking for a unique save the date? Find what you are looking for as you browse all our candy wedding favors. I ordered things on Sunday, the day before Labor Day needing them for this Saturday and I must say, I am very impressed, I just received my order and everything looks great! All HERSHEY'S® products sold on this website are manufactured by The Hershey Company. You are an amazing company, I wish I would have found you for a June wedding! Candy Wrapper Store offers themed party favors to accessorize your wedding… Each "I DO" Hershey's Kiss features an "I DO!” plume and is perfectly wrapped in silver and gold heart-patterned “I DO” foil. Personalized Wedding Chocolate Bar Favors iCandy is delighted to offer you the finest selection of HERSHEY'S® personalized wedding candy wrappers that will add elegance and that perfect touch to commemorate your momentous occasion. and are truly lifting some of the stress I am experiencing in wedding planning (I am sure you hear this often) I cannot thank you enough! Thank you for resolving this matter so quickly!! Lay a candy bar at each place setting and scatter bulk chocolate Madelaine hearts around the centerpieces for an added sparkle. Will definitely be ordering from you again in the future. For couples looking for the classic American treat to pass out on their wedding day, look no further. You can purchase the wrappers only or buy fully assembled chocolate candy bar favors.We take rich melt-in-your-mouth Hershey chocolate and wrap them in one of our custom candy bar wrappers that are personalized with your names and wedding … I just wanted to say thank you for the speedy delivery and the personalization is just as I requested! It's hard to find someone that isn't a fan of a classic chocolate candy, which is why it's a great option for party favors. A special "Thanks" go to Janet who handled my request and any other members of the shipping department who did an exceptional job. oz. oz bottle - Botanical Greenery. Add a sweet touch to your special occasion with Assorted Chocolate Miniatures. You company has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Custom wrapped HERSHEY'S MINIATURES will be a cute addition to your other non-personalized candy favors. Don't forget to purchase personalized stickers for HERSHEY'S KISSES candies to coordinate with your wedding theme.WH Candy offers wedding favor designs for all these events leading up to your big day and is praised by our many customers for our attention to detail and customer service. Thank you again for your quick response to my inquiry, and for the superb job you have done in helping make Krystal and Treavor's anniversary party a huge success. We have a wrapper design to suit every theme and style! Call 425.353.2191 or stop by and visit us in our store. See more ideas about kisses favors, hershey kisses favors, wedding favors. Wedding Candy & Pre-Wedding Chocolate Candy Favors. This homemade candy favor idea is perfect for weddings, baby showers and more. 30% OFF* EVERYTHING! Start Personalizing Now. Regal Elegance MINIATURES Candy Personalized Assembled. The Wedding Outlet | Wedding Accessories | Wedding Favors | Wedding Gifts & Jewelry - Favors, Gifts & Accessories. See our delicious bulk chocolate offerings for Madelaine chocolate stars and hearts & HERSHEY'S KISSES candies for an extra sweet touch. Customized chocolate bar wrappers make perfect wedding favors, shower favors, christening favors, birthday party favors, holiday favors, birth announcements and business promotional items. Wedding (32) Anniversary (28) Fundraising (51) Bridal Shower (24) Bat Mitzvah (29) Sports Party (27) Choose the Hershey Kiss ® Wedding Favor to Match Your Wedding Theme. Are you creating a candy bar table for guests on your wedding day? Your party favors are some of the prettiest I saw, I browsed many websites, and physically went to many stores. Stock up your candy bar and buffet or hand out personalized favors! I will certainly be letting everyone know about my awesome experience with your wonderful company! Includes one 48 ounce bag of HERSHEY'S KISSES Wedding "I DO" Chocolate Candy Bulk bag is the perfect size for wedding favors, candy buffets and center piece decorations Individually wrapped candies with plumes featuring "I do", and gold foils with silver hearts A kosher and gluten free candy A kosher and gluten free candy Today in the mail I was happily greeted by a replacement piece! This assortment of Hershey chocolate miniature bars are a nice favor to put on your reception tables, or to include in favor bags as a take-home gift. Filled with tips & trends, new arrivals, exclusive savings & more. Hershey's Chocolate Favors make the perfect edible favor for your guests.Who can resist a kiss...especially when it's made from chocolate! Also a cake knife set, so you will continue to have my business since you showed me that you care. Share a sweet treat with your guests using these Hershey wedding favors! Start with … Your gift items and favors are unique and classy. Believe us, if we could marry chocolate, we probably would. Please browse our vast selection of wedding favors and follow us on Pinterest for more ideas and planning tips. Our Wedding Chocolate Collection is a complete line of chocolate wedding favors.Including personalized Hershey®’s chocolate - a brand that everyone knows and loves, it is the number one selling chocolate in the U.S. Hershey Gifts is the Hershey catalog that brings you a delicious assortment of Hershey's chocolate kisses candy, chocolate candy favors and other chocolate confections - featured at Catalogs.com. Be in style with your wedding favors with our personalized Love Rocks love bird inspired design Hershey 1.55 ounce chocolate bar wedding favors. Wedding Hershey's Kisses; Other Wedding Favors; ... 50th Anniversary Chocolate Bar Wrappers. Black Damask Candy Wrappers. Make a statement when you celebrate your big day by using these HERSHEY'S KISSES Milk Chocolates in everything from wedding favors to table décor. Shop by color to see our most popular designs in your wedding color.Trying to find a unique idea that serves as a favor and a place card? I just ordered them yesterday and they arrived this morning. 306 Floral Chocolate Label Stickers, Bridal Shower Party Favors, Bride to Be Hershey Kisses Stickers, Bachelorette Party, Wedding Bridal Shower Party Decor Decorations 4.8 out of 5 stars 32 $7.35 $ 7 . 35 ($0.02/Count) Hand Sanitizer Tube Personalized Wedding Botanical Greenery 0.5 fl. Say Thank You With a Personalized HERSHEY'S Bar. Personalized HERSHEY'S Giant Milk Chocolate Bar (2 pack)" /> HERSHEY'S. That's awesome. You folks are the best!!!! KISSES Wedding “I Do” Milk Chocolates come wrapped in beautiful silver and gold Foils, sporting iconic plumes that say “I Do”. Our personalized classic 1.55 oz Hershey's chocolate bars takes the traditional Hershey's chocolate bar and wraps it up in a beautiful personalized wrapper for a wonderful wedding, engagement, or bridal shower favor. We'll be sending you some tips, trends, new arrivals & other wedding inspiration to help you plan for your big day! You can even shop by season for your spring, summer, fall or winter wedding. Send us your list of names and table numbers to print on the front of the custom candy wrappers or ship them to yourself to write them by hand. Guests will love to receive HERSHEY'S chocolate wedding favors to remember your big day. ). Now, these mini chocolate bars can be dressed in a wide variety of labels which you can customize for your special day. Tips, trends, new arrivals, promos and much more! SAVE BIG Perhaps no other individually wrapped candy is as recognizable—or as appreciated—as the Hershey Kiss ®, and now these chocolate favorites are available as personalized wedding favors.Simply browse our selection of themes and designs above, then choose the Hershey Kiss ® wedding favor … All HERSHEY'S® trademarks, related trade dress and copyrights are owned by The Hershey Company or its affiliate, Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation, including HERSHEY'S®, MINIATURES™, KISSES®, … Hershey's has been making delicious chocolate of various kinds for over a century. We can match your theme and colors to coordinate with your centerpieces and decorations. I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude for the excellent attention given to my case and order referenced above. Life is sweeter with chocolate! So for your wedding reception, give guests a gift they won't forget with Hershey's Kisses party favors at Just Candy. Personalized Hand Sanitizer Wedding 2 fl. more about Hershey Kiss Chocolate Wedding Favors . I unrolled it some to see the print that I chose and it is cute as can be! These Personalized "I DO" Plume Hershey’s Kisses Favors are the perfect sweet treat for your guests. Take Hershey's chocolate and turn it into something special for your next part or event. 5 out of 5 stars (1,021) 1,021 reviews. What's more, we have them in bulk for your convenience. That is amazing! Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I will definitely use your company again when the need arises! All HERSHEY'S® trademarks, related trade dress and copyrights are owned by The Hershey Company or its affiliate, Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation, including HERSHEY'S®, MINIATURES™, KISSES®, SPECIAL DARK®, MR. GOODBAR®, KRACKEL® and REESE'S®. Thank you so much. Order your personalized candy bars today! From wedding favors to candy buffets, dessert additions to table décor, these milk chocolates are the perfect way to make a statement when you celebrate your big day. I'm excited for the bride and groom to see their gift. Save up to 75% off wedding favors and mini hershey chocolate bars. The HERESHEIS®, HEREHEIS® and HERETHEYARE® trademarks, related trade dress & copyrights are used under license from Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation by RebEll Enterprises, Inc. All HERSHEY'S® products sold on this website are manufactured by The Hershey Company. I contacted you last week regarding a piece I received that was broken. All Purpose. $1.29 $0.87 Flavors Silver Foil (152) 1.45 Oz Hershey's Dark Chocolate With Silver Foil (Add .10 Ea) (151) 1.55 Oz Hershey's Milk Chocolate With Gold Foil (Add .15 Ea) (151) 1.55 Oz Hershey's Milk Chocolate With Silver Foil (151) 3 Oz Belgian Milk Chocolate With Silver Foil (Add 1.95 Ea) (151) 1.55 Oz Nestle's Crunch Bar With Silver Foil (Add .40 Ea) (149) 1.55 Oz Hershey's Milk Chocolate … Personalized wedding candy will be a hit at your reception.

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