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Being an active member of a Facebook group is one of the best ways to... 3. News. Waiting lists are very long, ranging from a couple of months to years. May be I can contact you via facebook? It would be great if you can share it. So you can find student residence in Copenhagen here - we have listed rental housing, cooperative housing, as parents, student housing, student housing, dormitories, apartments from both public and private landlords. have access to advertise housing for sale - houses, apartmens and cooperative housing - at If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. And if you are moving to a new city or maybe even a new country, there are several things you must consider. Aalborg. Most people who I met told that they have sent at least 50 emails to the landlords but still no reply. Safe housing search with. The best place to search for apartments and houses in Copenhagen is online. It took me over 3 weeks to find my rental home in Copenhagen Denmark. This means that all together you can expect a payment of up to 7 months rent + 1 month utilities in the worst case. Competitive prices. That means that you need to be a member of said pension fund in order to sign up for any of their apartments. The problem is that in February I need to leave my current room. I hope this helps a little bit. “Finding accommodation in Copenhagen is incredibly difficult”, as someone said. Finding housing. Ha is an avid traveler and writer with a background in marketing & hospitality. It requires a lot of effort and dedication, especially luck! When we weren’t successful with the portals, we had no other choice but to hire a relocation agency. You can also try to get in contact with Danes through scout groups, sports associations, clubs (ex: Rotary or Lions), and the expats’ associations. However, the students had to contact the landlords by themselves. All our income is used for paying the costs involved in providing our services. Yes at the end we found a place trough an expats facebook group of our compatriots. Obviously, this is not a complete list and you may still need to employ Google Translate, but it’s a start! Gather as much information on the landlord as you can, especially in Facebook groups. Water, gas, heating and electricity. Naturally, I didn’t see a single listing on this particular portal in the 3 weeks I was signed up for. You also should add your experience when living with other people. Airbnb, hostels) and find something then. Once or twice a day, instead I received mails of sponsored rented houses. And thank you for asking such an interesting question. All listings in one place. Esbjerg. Some students dorms are more luxurious for example ‘Tietgen’, here rent starts at 2,900-5000 DKK. It depends on location, terms and price If you are TENANT we'll find housing for you. If you are all on your own, expect several weeks. Therefore, I decided to find a place by myself. Period. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here we would like to give you a quick introduction to Danish vocabulary you might need during your apartment search. Or random expat groups? Firstly thanks for the great article. If you are lucky, you won’t have to pay a dime. Because in Denmark, two types of apartments exist and they both come with different obligations and requirements. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to find housing for all students due to the shortage of housing in the greater Copenhagen area. Copenhagen has positioned itself comfortably among the most liveable cities in the world. In the rest of Denmark, you would first get in touch with your educational institute who will refer you to their student housing association. Homepage. While it is difficult basically all year round, it is especially tough in the summer months (August and September) when university programs start and Danish students, as well as students from all over world, are trying to find a place to live. It’s really important that you need to know how to “sell yourself”. I paid happily only to find out that the listing had already gone. Which location would best suit me and my family? I'm addicted to all things Nordic, good coffee (sometimes also bad coffee), and beautiful architecture. Rent rooms and apartments from people in Copenhagen from EUR 400/month. I saw that you recommended signing up for Just make sure not to spam anybody. We work actively on keeping our prices down for the benefit of all. Some of them are privately owned with their own independent administration. Now, what do you think? If you are lucky and you know somebody, it might only take you a week. Here you will find our large selection of apartments. Since I was unlucky to find myself a dorm room, I had no choice but to find private housing instead. Students know this and flock to the city. What are my housing options in Copenhagen? Below are some websites that you can find apartments in Copenhagen. Am asking because some other organisations do not accept PhD applications (like the KKiK). But if you are not a student, your options on Findbolig are limited. Prices vary, however, because there are many different associations. Find available apartments for rent in Copenhagen. Be prepared for this situation and review your financial position to avoid surprises later on. You can also send the associations an e-mail explaining your situation. Following this article (that is really great!) Never ever make any cash payments or money transfers through Western Union! There are several relocation agencies which operate in Greater Copenhagen, but most of them only work with businesses. If you find your mail box overflowing with junk mail, you can order some, You might also want to consider getting a. When we began our apartment search, we started coming up with more and more apartment search portals. let me know please. You can get yourself a temporary apartment and sign up for apartments on Findbolig in the meantime. Although I was completely aware of how crazy it was with the housing situation in Copenhagen and had thoroughly prepared and checked my mail at the exact time for dorm registration, I could not register because there was no room left! She's lived in 3 countries and traveled to more than 30. If you are relocating for a work placement, get in touch with your HR department who can contact these agencies for you. Maybe someone needs help! Contact the international office at the school or university, where you will be studying. Even worse, a few weeks later I checked my bank account and noticed that nearly 300 DKK had been deducted from my bank account by the portal. The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation (UCPH Housing Foundation) is an independent entity which assists international students and researchers in finding accommodation in … If you are reading this chances are you are in the process of searching for an apartment or house in Copenhagen. If you’re coming from abroad they will most likely grant you additional, However, it’s not enough just to send an application to CIU and RIU. Find housing. (KKIK) I clicked on the contact details which referred me to another portal. I then made a reclamation to their customer service. Find tenant. After dealing with the rental market for 16 years, the CEO of Housing Denmark, Steen Lundsfryd, knows exactly what it takes to get a home rented out - quickly and well. In … Welcome to Denmark . With luck, you might find available listings on the portal, but most likely you will have to sign up for their waiting lists. The rent is high (starting from 6.000 DKK for a room and 10.500 DKK for a studio & apartments) and the deposit large (3 months’ rent). Your email address will not be published. Contact us. Do not make any payments without having seen a contract first. Glad that you found a place after all and we hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Copenhagen. Are they part of housing groups in several cities? Also, once you subscribe the subscription is renewed weekly (99 DKK). I love my cats, although my husband Mihir is not too bad either , Hi Jacky Are you looking for apartment in for rent Copenhagen, you get a complete overview on this list.Click on the headline on each accommodation to read more. However, there are certain things you should be expecting. How to find rental apartments in Copenhagen Denmark 1. Because of expats arriving at the start of the calendar and school year, it's especially hard to find accommodation in January or September. The Housing Foundation Copenhagen-fond is an independent non-profit foundation. It is nearly impossible to find an apartment from abroad because landlords have plenty of people to pick from IN Denmark. Anyway, thanks for this article! According to the Global Liveability Index, education and infrastructure are parameters where Denmark’s capital stand out as excellent. Tenant & Housing finder in Copenhagen. My idea is that announces are fake, but those mails are not. However, due to a large number of Erasmus students who had the same situation, it took them one week just to reply to my first email. Unfortunately, we weren’t in such a fortunate position. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, An expat guide to living in Bangkok, Thailand, How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Study Abroad, An expat guide to living On The Marshall Islands, 10+ Best Things To Do In Phan Rang Ninh Thuan Vietnam, Explore An Hoa Sheep Field In Ninh Thuan Vietnam, 17 Best Places To Visit In Da Lat Vietnam, 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Feel free to explore more, though! In brief, you can find accommodation in Copenhagen by joining Facebook groups, websites, or asking your network. Keep in mind that to... 2. Copenhagen has many Kollegiums (student housing), these are managed residences for international or national students across the city. Of course, it’s not a 100 percent guarantee that you will find housing but it might be a way to get luckier. If that is not an option (e.g. It’s important that you do not give up and continue on your path! If you are LANDLORD and you have a housing for rent we'll find the tenant for you. You can find more tips on them below. Is their profile only a few weeks old with little information? In this article, I shared my experiences and tips to find accommodation. It is rare that you can find a listing more than one month in advance. Are you seeking housing in Copenhagen? It cost us a lot of nerves, but we did finally find a place to stay, even from abroad. If you are new to the city. How to Find Rental Flats in Copenhagen . You’ll have more success if you can rent yourself some temporary housing (e.g. How to find housing in Copenhagen. Finding housing. Where should I look to find housing in Copenhagen? Room, Apartment … There are probably hundreds of Facebook groups dedicated to the rental market in Greater Copenhagen. However, there is independent youth housing for people between the ages of 18 and 35. Some only rent to students. First, introduce yourself (name, contact, what you are doing). It was not easy but I could do it, and so could you. [. Also, chances are your money is not in a Danish bank account. Why not appeal to them? You actively have to put yourself on the, Another option, especially for finding a room in a shared apartment, is. I also joined the private housing group from my university when I tried to search for one. I was born and raised in Austria, but have lived most of my adult life abroad. (new window) Student accommodation . Listings in Copenhagen (and most of Denmark really) move extremely quickly. If you are an international student, you can apply for student accommodation. I had not even come to Europe before! Because it was so difficult, we have decided to write this guide on how to find an apartment in Copenhagen. Can I also sign up as a PhD student? We are mentioned in. In the end it does not value 600 DKK. You know somebody. Easy rent out. You need to stand out! Make an exciting portfolio and send them. As the… 426,253 DKK; Bedrooms: 1; 48 m² / 517 ft² Required fields are marked *. An excellent point of this group is that you can find someone in the same situation, and start to find a room together! You should create an email or message to send out to the landlord, and don’t forget to stay alert with scamming all the time. Yes, you will pay a month’s rent for nothing, but at least you’ll have the security of a roof above your head upon arrival. Also what is Findbolig exactly and how does it work? Finding takes up to 2 weeks. [pin_widget url=””], Hi there, I'm Jacky. And on the other side, on boligportal we got lots of responses. Consequently, the housing situation – especially in July, August and September – tends to be a bit challenging. Yes, it’s true. With such a dense rental market it seems absurd, but the, Your first step when changing addresses is to change your information in NemID within 5 days. You can also include your picture with it to increase your chance to get considered. Get in contact with Danish CBS students; some may want to swap rooms with you. Your email address will not be published. Forenom - Rental apartments and rental houses in Copenhagen and Viborg - A free-of-charge housing portal with 3D viewing managed by a housing agency offering flats, villas and townhouses for expats and diplomats - International platform offering a chance to book accommodation directly and safely in Denmark Expatolife is an expat and travel site providing authentic guides to inspire you living abroad and traveling. As with all other major decisions in life, buying an apartment in a buzzing and vibrant metropolis such as Copenhagen requires many considerations. Hard to tell. How can I get in touch with you? However, we have already discussed this. Are you looking for a housing property for sale in Copenhagen? Please send an e-mail to, we might be able to help you get in contact with those students. Even if you think you don’t know anybody, it’s not true. Its really useful! A lot of red flags. As far as I’m aware, KU supports PhD students in finding accommodation, so it may be worth reaching out to DTU in that matter? National ID copy (plus possibly residence permit), Possibly work contract or bank statement (some landlords require financial stability), Get started on your search for an electricity provider on. If you have questions, please feel free to contact one of our employees. I contacted the housing department of my university. Finding housing in Copenhagen, Denmark, from a different country is very difficult and time-consuming. We also saw some offers on Boligbasen which were obviously scams. Waiting lists are very long, but perhaps you’ll get something cheap after a year or so. As a private customer you can consider these three agencies: While I was anticipating general moving costs and security deposits, I never thought about how much the actual apartment search would cost us. Most of the Danish landlord preferred students who came from the US, Europe, or English spoken countries, while I was surely not. Instead, sign up for public housing (social housing) in Copenhagen or, better even, in the suburbs. Join Copenhagen housing groups on Facebook. Indeed, these apartments are much more affordable than what you can find on the general housing market. We agreed because it was in an ideal location and, to be honest, we were getting desperate. During a move, there will always be questions. You would have much more luck when looking for only a single room. During your search you will mostly come across 3 kinds of rentals: Yes and no. Perhaps you are frustrated and feel hopeless. Copenhagen, Frederiksberg), Overtagelsesdato = Take Over Date (move-in date). Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Average renting costs. KP strives to find accommodation for as many incoming students as possible. We'll find housing for you. In Copenhagen it is standard to pay an extra 3 months of rent on top of your 1st month’s rent as a damage deposit. This website is only for students who have parents with companies, and they have to be contacted from the beginning. Well, that is hard to tell. I was accepted to an exchange program in Copenhagen. There is, however, a waiting list for social housing unless rare circumstances permit. Always make sure to double check your rental contract as you may be required to move out a week before the end of your lease to allow time for renovations. Each student room can vary from residency to residency. If you are unsure whether the landlord and/or the listing are real, you can check who the property belongs to at. Odense. Område = Area (e.g. If you know someone in Denmark, you can ask Danish friends or someone who lives in Copenhagen to help you to find a place, or at least to check whether it is a real deal. Learn how your comment data is processed. Neighbourhoods in Copenhagen . It obviously depends on the property you’re going to rent. ... Due to the high demand for housing in Copenhagen, some have made it their occupation to scam people by renting out non-existent places, … Thanks for the great article Cosy and bright furnished 1 room apartment with a balcony for sale in Amager. Apparently, I had signed up for a weekly subscription which renewed a full 3 times without informing me. They will usually find you an apartment within one or two weeks. If you want to avoid paying rent in two places simultaneously, try to talk to your landlord. Many students and prospective students considering initially colleges, or an apartment which may be shared with one or more roommates. However, one post always attracted at least ten replies from the students, so the housing coordinator had to do some “lucky rotation” to see who was lucky enough to be chosen. I mean, we are both architects with permanent contracts, and in two months, hundreds of landlords contacted, NOBODY replies? They have huge waiting lists, but you never know! Contact Language. There may very well be Danes active on these forums and in these groups. For Sale > Apartments in Copenhagen. Which relocation agent did you eventually choose to find your house? So I've been looking around and there are a lot of different sites on which you can subscribe to find a room. Also, listed below are useful websites to look for rooms and apartments for rent in Denmark Consult your host institution With a NemID validation you'll gain trust from other users. Tenant rights and legal aid. Housing deposit loan (beboerindskud) Settling into your new home. Hi! Aarhus. I was reimbursed for 2 weeks which I thought was fair enough (after all I HAD agreed to the terms accidentally), but the whole process made me pretty angry. a website to find accommodation in Copenhagen. Chances are there is something fishy going on. Be aware that if KP Housing send you a housing offer it will be the only one you receive. I know, I sound dramatic, but I’m serious. Finally, you are so glad that you won’t be homeless once you move to Denmark. I was browsing one of many portals when I found an interesting listing. Homepage. If you reject the housing offer or miss the deadline for completing the process, the room will be offered to the next … Let’s stay in touch! Housing . Therefore, you should make sure that you can register the CPR number with your rental room. While apartments on Findbolig are cheaper, they aren’t easy to come by. Housing agent in Copenhagen. First and foremost, you need to find out which type of apartment you want to purchase. Some are open to the general public. congratulations on your exciting move! None of the universities in Greater Copenhagen operates like this, unfortunately. You may also want to consider joining. These websites are in Danish but you can use Google and give them a try: Being an active member of a Facebook group is one of the best ways to find rental apartments in Copenhagen. Even though it might be a little annoying to see all of those searching-for-housing posts on Facebook, it might actually be useful. Tell us what we can help you with and we will respond within 24 hours. Below we have compiled a small list of recommended groups. NemID validation. København. This can happen very easily. Copenhagen is a great city to live in but finding housing is difficult and may end up being a long journey. Those were way more expensive and mostly (totally) without pets allowed. we subscribed boligbasen (that is NOT great). Are you looking for other types of housing in Copenhagen than apartments, then use the search function in the left side. These are some of the groups that I am still a member of: It seems like a long list of Facebook groups to follow, but believe me, each post always attracts lots of comments, especially before the beginning of the semester, so you need to be fast to be a lucky one. Visit And not before long we were completely lost. Masks at showings - Covid-19 … The reason some associations may not accept you is probably that as a PhD student you aren’t technically considered a student, but a university employee. Renting tips. Roskilde, Glostrup, Valby, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen N, (An agency which specializes in more upscale properties), (An agency with mostly big properties on offer), Contains offers we didn’t usually see anywhere else. Keep in mind that to live legally in Copenhagen, you will need a CPR number. There are a lot of people are looking for an apartment in Copenhagen at the same time, so the landlord surely receives tons of messages and emails. There are many student residences. Are these some better priced apartments? Findbolig is a portal that is used by several of the big private housing associations in Denmark. Private housing organizations: There are newly built apartments in the Sydhavn area, just beside AAU campus Copenhagen. If you are lucky, you have this much money available to you at a moment’s notice. Living in CopenhagenLast updated May 9, 2018. Your email address will not be published. KEA Housing International Accommodation Office AAU Copenhagen If they cannot help, you can apply for a room or a small flat in a student residence. Know the market. For Greater Copenhagen, you will need to apply to CIU (Copenhagen) and RIU (Roskilde). Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! is Denmark's great portal for selling housing properties. Besides, the Housing coordinators also posted some places that they found by Airbnb, or some places website. We concluded it might be a useful tool for long-term home search, but it’s really not ideal for the short term :/ Dorm rooms: Seeing a 50% of the rents that allows pets, and that have a price that is around the 60% of what it should be… We came at the conclusion that most of the announces are random generated from the website itself. Find your home in Copenhagen . Really appreciate it … . Rooms for rent in Copenhagen. Unfortunately we had a similar experience as you with Boligbasen. Required fields are marked *. [This article has been continually updated and improved since 2014, last time in August 2020] The general rule is to be proactive (yes, we know, the word stinks). The first cost we incurred were portal subscriptions. What I did was that I tried to check those groups a few times a day to make sure I did not miss any deal. As you observed, some are administrated by pension funds. Or do you have any additional tips on how to find an apartment in Copenhagen for our readers? First of all, always proceed with care in order to avoid potential scams. Finding a place to live. Finding a place to live is key to obtaining a CPR and starting your life in Denmark. There it said I could contact the landlord for only 1 DKK. Only a few of them are really worth your time. I see that the system is also connected to pension funds …, Thanks for all the help! That means that for whichever payments you make in DKK, When you move into your apartment, you will do an, Make sure that your name is on the post box and on the door as soon as possible, or mail may not be delivered to your address. Don’t rent long-term apartments without CPR registration. We collect listings from all other sources, so you only have to look one place. is the leading search engine for housing in Copenhagen and other cities in Denmark. Find housing. For example, if you’re planning to move in August, you could consider listings with move-in dates in July. In a few months I am expecting my wife to join we as well and therefore I am looking for a cozy apartment to stay. Copenhagen Rent Housing for young people and students, free and secure. It took me over 3 weeks to search for my rental home. Finding rental apartments in Copenhagen Denmark has never been a piece of cake as there isn’t a huge amount of housing available on the rental market. Although there are several different options when it comes to housing in Copenhagen, the market is fiercely competitive and finding a place can often be tricky. If you are unlucky, your first payment could be up to 100.000 DKK. A person can have an unlimited lease in Copenhagen (you must live 180 days of the year there) or you can have a limited lease. Find Housing First, visit the website of your host institution and follow any recommendations you find here in terms of student housing. Housing in Copenhagen is very difficult to find and can be expensive. Hi guys, I'm an international student already living here in Copenhagen. This is a web page of the office that manages many dorm rooms in Copenhagen. Yet it often seems a lot less straightforward when you are deep down in the house hunting jungle. Find housing in Copenhagen. It took dozens of e-mails and 2 weeks before I saw any of that money again. Often the landlord will let you out of your contract early if a new tenant is found in time. If not, you might have to take a. Finding on websites. After all, I had been redirected there by another portal. Facebook – a good place to start. We made a conscious choice of subscribing for and then incurred costs when accidentally subscribing to other portals. How to find rental apartments in Copenhagen Denmark. Have we left any questions unanswered? The Foundation’s purpose is to provide students from abroad with flexible and competitive housing opportunities for the time they study at The University of Copenhagen. Maybe you are active in forums or hobby Facebook groups. So you may get something after 6-12 months or so. Searching for your own housing in Copenhagen Own network: Ask your family or friends if they know people that live in Copenhagen; it is easier to find a room when you are part of a Danish network. In that group, the housing coordinators offered some private housing that they had contracts with. After I finally found out WHICH portal was charging me these ridiculous amounts of money, I found a way to unsubscribe. If you are moving to Copenhagen and looking for housing in Copenhagen, you can find a complete overview of all available housing in Copenhagen on Click here to visit the … Unlike Findbolig, it costs a small annual fee, but you’re more likely to get something as you’re not a student. AAU CPH is not affiliated with the owners or housing agents. In any case, that was our situation not too long ago. The CBS housing department has access to eight student residences or dorms (please see list under "Student Residences"). Your email address will not be published. Rent your place online and feel at home all over the world with HousingAnywhere. However, there is independent youth housing for people between the ages of 18 and 35. Endless websites and guides telling you where to find accommodation as if it were no big deal. However, be careful of scams. CPH Housing. I still remembered how frustrating it was that time since I lived in Japan and had no friends in Denmark, or particularly in Copenhagen. In addition to these, you can make use of designated Facebook groups and online search portals. For Greater Copenhagen, you will need to apply to, It’s not likely you’ll receive an offer before you arrive, but you can move out of your over-priced apartment later (see below) and save a lot of money in the long run. Contact us by phone +45 70 2004 70. In the Danish capital of Copenhagen you … You can find their properties on Because the housing market in Greater Copenhagen is extremely competitive, and many people are desperate. If you’re are a university student or an exchange student in Copenhagen, you can join the housing group. To me, applying for private housing is much harder than applying for a job. If you know someone in Copenhagen, it would be much easier. Finde lejer og boliger i København. Don’t forget to. I also found receipts for my “purchases” on the portal. Since it can be extremely difficult to find accommodation in Copenhagen, foreign students are strongly advised to make own arrangements concerning accommodation before leaving for Denmark. Between expats the bond is strong so sometimes could be easier to go trough social networks, as you suggest. In our case, all we needed was somebody to search for listings, attend viewings, and help us negotiate the lease contract. Check their profiles. The sign-up fee is 600 DKK for 6 months. arriving with furniture, pets, …) then you should consider hiring a relocation agency. I am moving to Copenhagen to do a PhD at DTU. It’s in English.,, © 2017 - 2020 Expatolife All Rights Reserved. Located 15 minutes from Central Station by bike as well as 10 minutes from Amager Strand. Selected cities in Danmark. Yes, it is. This is particularly the case in the fall semester when the demand for housing far outstrips supply. The property market in Copenhagen contains private or social housing; both are open to the general public. The downside is that you have settled for something outside your budget. Have a property … Housing in Copenhagen can be a complete nightmare. Both private sellers, housing companies, brokers etc. Do you find this article useful? Available housing in Copenhagen. How could it be that every single one of them is called “. Housing benefits (boligstøtte) Buying a home. & Doesn’t offer anything the others don’t. If you start looking early, you should be prepared to pay for an apartment without actually moving in. The best place to search for apartments and houses in Copenhagen is online. Tell them a bit about your hobbies in your personal life. Housing list. When she's not traveling or writing, Ha loves trying new recipes. And this is what we ultimately ended up with: During our search, we continually adjusted our expectations and finally had to settle for something way above our original budget.

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