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By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. Kaz: Uh, even the Japanese don’t just wolf down a whole fish like that…. Acquired cassettes in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain are surprisingly handy. Your BB: They were already here. All the world I knew. If I am to keep playing the teenager, I will have to start paying more attention to my skin. We don't want to announce we have it until the world is preparing to wipe us off the map. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Violence, Strong Language, Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content, The Best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Wiki Guide, Connection to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Security looks lighter than I thought. You got moved from Cuba's Little America right into Cyprus' Little Britain.Venom Snake: Why Dhekelia?Ocelot: The U.K. and the U.S. remain close allies. Deception and deceit. Seize as many weapons as we can carry. In leaving their countries behind, they leave their hatred for other countries, too. Tell me where he is. Until then, we let everyone think we're just a private army with conventional firepower. I have a dream. You’re not with ideas. Betray Cipher now, and I will face a fate far worse than death. She lectured me on the perils of tanning - how it ages skin, causing wrinkles and spots, and in the worst cases even skin cancer. We were comrades, once. The crocs When I stop and think about this wretched existence, being killed by a man like that suddenly does not seem like such a bad thing. Kaz: Survi- what? Maybe the CIA’s planting air.] Today, Amanda and I taught Cécile how to make gallo pinto. Metal Gear Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [Kaz charges at BB, fails.] I tried to push through their legs and get ahead, but a boot in my stomach put me on the ground. Or is she really into me? Your only backup will be one extraction chopper. This place will no longer be my "heaven." At some point, I got a bite myself. He yelled, "C'mere and take a look at the REAL Kazuhira Miller!" I doubt they’re going to appreciate getting visitors. Having power means not being afraid. Cipher's the ones who sent Paz to us in the first place. Your men can stand I never imagined you would come for me. I shouldn't have enjoyed it. Yeah, right. But I did not mean it. There's another way out. KonamiStyle has posted a photo of the cassette tape that comes with the Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid V’s upcoming soundtrack CD, The Lost Tapes. Skull Face: My village had an oilseed field and a fine factory. Kaz: But I will join you. They'd recognize her. Kaz: I’ve got nothing on you. They were the cream of the crop when I was a drill sergeant. A bunch of grown, hard men, and they are the ones acting like schoolgirls! here can be very unpleasant. What happens there disappears down the memory hole. They’ve been all too kind. His presence has greatly accelerated weapons development at Mother Base. They were left in reserve during the op, so they had to still be alive. That was helpful, but the man is still a fool. Time to make your choice. BB: He showed it to me the minute after you gave it to him. But I will change the world. I had better watch myself. When the frijoles were ready, we drained the water, stir-frying them with the rest of the vegetables. I came to realize I mustn't die. Big Boss: Meaning it isn't American soil, so the U.S. Constitution doesn't apply there. go.” Perfect. You expect me to trust you? And then she took my hand in hers. Move it!! They had a guard posted so I got outta there. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the biggest open world action-adventure game in The Metal Gear franchise. What do you think Big Boss will do? That I'm not the only one. But don't bother trying to escape. Kazuhira Miller: Exactly. constrictor. Kaz: [Laughs.] Mmm… Tasty! The soldiers gaze on it with pride and reverence. Every day my friends and I would see our parents at work in that factory. Each one contains information surrounding the events of MGS Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. I think some of it stems from the fact that he is actually not that bad looking. Kazuhira Miller: There's no telling how much influence they have. BB: I could always just put you out of your misery. Kaz: [Kaz hits the soldier.] Kazuhira Miller: Word has started to spread. CIA Central American Station Chief Coldman has developed Peace Walker, a fully AI-automated, fail-deadly nuclear launch system with which he aims to reignite the Cold War. Hands on your head! Chico. Soldier: We heard from the advance team – everything's right on schedule. He tried to act nonchalant, but I'm pretty sure he's got a crush on me. I must stay in character, after all. Kaz: Agreed. Join me and I’ll throw in a full pardon – forget the whole The guard said, “Boss’ orders were to make sure you had the You wouldn't get any help from the Cubans. Time for a taste test. But I cannot imagine his agreeing to that now. Kazuhira Miller: That's right, you were away on a mission. You’ll be the one getting the bamboo Having a scientist tell me it causes aging, though - that spooked me a little. Your unit was wiped out, only your But... We're secret agents. … This goes… Wait, hang on, this end… Ah- agent. BB: We just sat down and talked man to man. Skull Face: I said... Do you like what you see? Found on one of the dumpsters in the alley next to the stairs going down to the boiler room where Paz is being held; on the north-west side of the Administration Building. Actually… this many. Come at me again! I am borrowing your recorder. *spoilers*". Skull Face: At the infirmary they carried me to, a nurse in the corridor saw me and remarked, as if it happened every day: "They should let the poor thing die." Awarded the title of "Big Boss" for his service, he later became a mercenary, abandoning both his title and his country. We're their bait to catch Cipher. BB: So I paid visits to the guys in the letter, and they said they wanted to I guess I can’t convince you right away. Skull Face: A shame I won't see him. Eyes everywhere, 24 hours a day. These tapes are associated with game objectives, such as completing Main Missions and Side Ops. getting out of the country won’t be easy either. They grow Of course it's risky, and we'll have to make sure everything's perfect. The timing's too perfect. Kazuhira Miller: We contacted the IAEA's admin branch, and they said there's no record of us being brought up at any of the Board's meetings. We added water to the pan, and watched the arroz begin to steam. Look. BB: No, but it doesn’t change the fact that your days with the rebels are over. Kazuhira Miller: Yeah, his crush on Strangelove was never much of a secret, huh. Either way, there was no reason to refuse, I suppose. And even now you think, as any person would, that this can't be happening. Join me. Start getting the place ready. If you were that lucky, you wouldn't even be here right now. The thought of dying does not scare me. The soldiers in the camp have been helping me Kazuhira Miller: Yeah. People who once would have considered the other mortal enemies. I have to accomplish something. battlefield! personnel, supplies, maintenance, intelligence… Whatever military muscle it I know that, but I told myself to focus on some hope, a nonexistent hope to guide me through this burning world. Kaz: …No… it’s nothing you need to hear. BB: Lapdog? Thank you, Chico. I know I am only delaying the inevitable. that power and corruption – the stink’ll never wash off. I am no child - the sight of a naked man does make me blush. They welcomed us warmly. Your men are all dead. The tape will have the same tracks as the CD, so it can actually be That said, what I have got is just a common cold. Kazuhira Miller: The upcoming inspection of Mother Base has to be connected somehow. Cipher watches all. According to Chico, they're both being held at an old prison facility. Don’t look much like bandits to The day after tomorrow we'll be done installing the main depth control tank, the compressed air tank, and the attitude control propeller pod. Okay, now go! I could not be bothered to run at first, but chasing the ball out there in the hot sun, I was soon drenched in sweat. Aren't you satisfied?! The mission can wait until after that, can it not? It's a kid. manicure. Below, you will find tables with all the regular, as well as special cassette tapes that can be found when exploring the game world. I’ll give ‘em the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes acts as a prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and takes place one year after the events of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. They’ll be looking to get even with that traitor, Kazuhira Miller. She was acting strangely, now, as if aroused. …All of you, grab him, now! Located in the cell adjacent to Chico's. Disgusted, I just nodded and smiled. I’ve seen that MGSV: I neglect to listen to all the cassette tapes. "It's Snake, isn't it?" [Kaz swings.] "And Zadornov - that old Russkie's name has something to do with peace, too, right? It was the language of my village. It happened so suddenly, and I was so taken aback that I did not even think to protest. Maybe it was one of those nights where he could not sleep. I whacked her with my pillow. Kazuhira Miller: Of course. They do not have time for things like drinking. The thought of romance has never once crossed my mind. Skull Face: So? splinters under the fingernails. So, what’s next? Think about that. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. No, not this time. BB: Even then, you thought I’d only have one man watching you? This operation hinges on how effectively we can exploit that. "Cipher watches all.". Remember what I said? I’m not in this for the Kazuhira Miller: This is the transmission we intercepted - Chico's call for help. No one's seen him in years. Take a swing! That why Skull Face: She'll get what she deserves. CQC and tranq guns won't cut it, so be careful. Big Boss: Who knows what they're doing to Chico and Paz. We'll make a recording, play it across public frequency bands. A lot of Help me, Snake... Kazuhira Miller: Yeah. as much. I told the man that with no more money from the KGB, I could no longer afford school. That is the truth. Growing up means choosing how you're going to live your life. She said to leave you here. BB: It’ll be dark soon. You must have one too. And yet... All these people, laughing and acting the fool - is this what they call peace? "You one tough bastard, Boss..." Miller muttered. BB: Come on, give it up! Who are they? I named it Nuke. and a lot to be responsible for. I’m a samurai. Same location as in Deja Vu. And their prattling on about fishing being "fun" is nonsense. Even I could manage a dish like that. The Cubans leased the land to the U.S. as a gesture for helping them gain independence from Spain. he meant like a magic trick, but he just laughed and said, “Give it a shot. use it on the Boss, and he’ll show you his ‘broken gun’ trick.” I asked him if A young lady should take better care of her skin!" Am I wrong? Quit that struggling. I'll monitor the situation and offer guidance from here. What better proof she's a... real woman. You guys can finally show yourselves. And I have one last use for you. Goggles, stopwatch, spears… They even let me have a semi-custom 1911 modified I'm in Cuba. It is not easy to get alcohol on a fortress in the middle of the ocean. Sold out your comrades? They looked at each other's battered bodies, and then burst out laughing, embracing and congratulating each other on a good fight. As you can see, there is 8 gz_cassette file in different language like gz_cassette.lng#eng and gz_cassette.lng#deu. In any case, one can never be too careful. Kaz: You afraid of something? watch. Chico's Cassette Tape 2: Ground Zeroes mission. Strike team and decoy team are in position. Kaz: Yeah. new era, and I will create just the business it needs. Skull Face: She looks weak. BB: What, you thought only the Japanese did that? What’s that, a model airplane? As you'd expect, American and other Western human rights organizations aren't allowed anywhere near the place. Skull Face: She's going back to your boss. A Song Machine Mix by Noodle Strange Timez (feat. I have been practicing. Big Boss: It's 60 miles from Santiago to the prison camp. It was my first time fishing, and I was a bit flustered, so the soldier beside me helped by supporting the pole from behind. She does have a knack for cooking, though - she is French, after all. Audio compact cassettes use magnetic tape of three major types which differ in fundamental magnetic properties, the level of bias applied during recording, and the optimal time constant of replay equalization. it? All of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain cassette tapes with minimal background noise and detailed timestamps. BB: Stand down! Be mindful of their sensory perceptions – sight, sound, smell... and pain. And yet it was more than just a friendly tussle. lapdog. There are many Cassette Tapes in the game with almost all of them referencing various different things. Soldier: Fire! To my surprise, it wasn't even half a vara . She left last week. And we can't go taking on those Marines at the base head-on. Talk! I was the fastest in all of But she shook her head violently. I waved at her. Told her she should've just gotten it over with. The name’s Snake. He'll make that in three days. For some reason, I began to think about all that has happened since I came here. Nothing will disturb us here. Kazuhira Miller: So she was leaving clues? Just can’t get away from you… You’re not just a snake, you’re a money. When she gets back, what will she say? Just thinking that helps keep the pain away. Contact with Big Boss successful. Use discretion before engaging any guard you encounter. It all ends soon, exactly as I've planned. He will tell you that the real tape is in the hands of a marine with a shaved head. else – escape’s not an option. Skull Face: You shall not see triumph. The IAEA has no authority to inspect us. After a hard fight, I pulled it up. Please leave a like and subscribe! As I see it, it is her own fault for letting herself be deceived like that. "But not good enough!" The arowana? If she's too dumb to see though Miller's lies, then she got what she deserved. Kaz: You’re a mercenary. Isn’t that what you want? And soon, all I have built here will end. Eat Recon from the Intel Unit supports this, so it's safe to assume that's where they are. What will follow is a time of The entirety of … I'm betting this is payback from Cipher after Paz's leak. And together we watched fluffy white clouds drift lazily across the clear blue sky. Skull Face: I needed this place, to listen to the words people had to say. They know nothing of Cipher or my true objective, but they know I am a spy. But... You wouldn't want the girl leaving here alive. Naked Snake (Big Boss): What a load of bullshit. Those lights are so bright... Time to get moving. That should provide you with some cover. Keep a look out for bandits. Kaz: We take turns. The building burned. We can't send anything else. BB: The fish we just caught? Do you see me. Having an American private intelligence agency involved's bad news. Spinning his tightly wound web of control, leaving no room for individual will - typical. PAZ: As of today I will be living here at Mother Base. We tried to flee outside. Easy, right? BB: After we’re done talking. Forget about this place, samurai. [He tightens his grip.] I have never helped anyone else before, only Cipher. [BB flops down on the bed.]. I did lose some of my men. Think you'd make it through that? BB: You went to America, then ended up down here. BB: Call me “Boss.” [BB laughs.] I did not need to understand the lyrics to know he's an awful singer. Kaz: [Fumbling with his gun.] this time? Just stop before you get clean through. Just buying time till the sun went down? Will he tell them? Apparently he's got at least one serious weakness. Big Boss: So what's the plan? Kaz: No I’m not. All right, lemme go… [He is released, gasps frantically for this is oily… No, that’s not right…. Skull Face: The feeling is mutual. As always, I answered according to our pre-defined scenario, feigning a smile. "What is wrong with a little sun?" If Chico talks, he could blow the nuke cover-up. Kaz: So the negotiations are over? [Explosion. My mind went totally blank. When my time came calling I didn't die. Kaz: C’mon, stop it, you’re making me blush. 10190: - Cassette tapes relating to Huey's exile bear this mission code in their names. God only knows what they'd do to you if you got caught. I've felt that. With my unit gone now, I guess I’ll never know…. This tape is found at Lamar Khaate Palace, inside the tent near the front of the palace; The Man Who Sold The World. All I did was ask you to join me. If your game's language is English, you will need gz_cassette.lng#eng, if your game's language is German you will need gz_cassette.lng#deu. Both of these men had been trained for war, their bodies deadly weapons. There are some cages to the east of a big building. It was Cipher who took me in as an orphan - gave me food and a place to live. Paz: You're dumber than you look. run of this place.” I could tell he wasn’t lying. These guys, they fall in line, but they can be a BB: He just doesn’t want to get lined up too. Miel may be his name but booze is his honey… and All in all, a thoroughly wasted day. ideologies, without isms, or borders… [BB grunts.] BB: [Sighs.] Now for the second one. This is a golden opportunity. The scientist was our way in. Miller yelled as he swung. They drift from place to place, with nowhere to call home. But this was not the first time it had happened, or the second, and Snake read Miller the riot act. Huey: If the underwater test goes well, next week we'll try the 300-foot seabed depth. Stay BB: But pain doesn’t kill you. Robert Smith) The Valley of The Pagans (feat. After I quit the JSDF, I made my way there and got myself a position There are a total of five, each with its own genre of music. You look better than I Remember their faces. If you're a real soldier, you'll find your own way out. Kaz: You win, and I’ll join you. Zadornov's... or should I say, the KGB's plan is to play the two sides against each other, turning the entire region Red. It called "Love Deterrent " - it is about a girl who can express her true feelings. We don’t invest in something And at that thought I began to feel as if I had lost. Nicola. Kaz: I don’t want to kill you. Note: If the acheivement/trophy doesn't unlock when you get the last tape, finish the mission you are on and it should unlock after it is finished. I’ll survive on my Liberation is at hand. There are seven of Chico's cassette tapes that you can find throughout the various missions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (to clarify, they cannot all be found in a single mission). Chico: You heard me. But that is about to end. But, to be honest... Having you with me here put my mind at ease. I have undergone training. She told me to keep it. Go, go, go, go, go! The cassette is made to look like the ones found in the game, as well as the one featured in the final scene. From behind, it’s all one cut from below Kaz: Field strip and reassemble a firearm! It's an old, grassy facility. Despite the heat, she was in her usual long sleeves and pants. Their nuclear strategy differs from the Americans and Soviet Union. Trying to impress the girl, little man? Kaz: Well, close enough. She squirted some lotion onto her fingers and began rubbing it into my chest. You guys wait here. I want some more! BB: My journal contains a few secrets he’d rather his superiors not know Those Marines have the place locked down tight. body wasn’t among the dead. Protect me... ...No. He does this NOW?! Plan is a I haven’t lost yet. I will offer this world You see a skull face. They burst out of the showers, completely naked, trading punches. He comes off as shallow, but his true intent is hard to read. all happened in an instant. Four miles of barren, America-controlled soil. To him, I am just a peace-loving student, and another victim of the CIA. Zadornov posed as my professor, but Big Boss took one look and knew he was KGB. As I cast my line and waited for a bite, the soldiers began to ask me all sorts of questions. The area was originally only for detaining refugees from countries like Cuba and Haiti. Bart. Metal Gear ZEKE, activate! ...He bought my story, and when I said I would be willing to work, he took pity on me and let me stay. BB: I’ve heard about a group of bandits that operate in these parts. It is funny. "No! BB: A no-man’s land. Kaz: We first met as enemies on the battlefield, and now here we are fighting The location of the tape #1. He knows too much about us. It was nice and sunny, with a gentle breeze and waves. Big Boss: Huey, can they do an inspection without going through the Board of Governors? Found in the central watch tower at the Administration Building.Chico's Cassette Tape 3:  Aquired through the course of the Ground Zeroes Mission. Somehow, I found myself captivated by this woman more than ten years my elder. Cipher is watching. Big Boss: No way to know for sure. Don't worry, leave everything to me. You got members of FSLN rubbing shoulders with the UCLAs. We made weapons all right. Remove the spool that has the leader tape exposed from the cassette and cut the tape 1–2 in (2.5–5.1 cm) from the end of the leader tape using small, sharp scissors. It's because the two were less than human - No heart, just an eye to find their prey and a finger to pull the trigger. I trust Apparently, he had heard me on deck one day and since then he's wanted to form a band. Big Boss: Have Amanda call him out to Cuba. expected. When I do, you cut So show me. The R&D team built and set up simple goals on the deck. They have apparently divided themselves into Costa Rican and Nicaraguan teams and started playing each other. Kaz: I just want to settle things between us, that’s all. Just like that “scheme” of yours! But first, let's stop by and see the boy. But their deaths served as a message to others. He shouldn't be here right now. Dr. Strangelove's departure came at a perfect time. Kazuhira Miller: That the problem's how to hide the nuke and Metal Gear. the rebels? BB: The base commander and I have an understanding. But you, right now, are free. Big Boss: I'm surprised Huey let her go that easy. We fight our enemies in order to survive. Kaz: I’ll… we’ll never lose again… The Japanese will never lose again. "It has got eucalyptus extract," she said. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Music Cassette Tape Locations Afghan Lullaby This short but sweet little ditty can be recovered from the Wakh Sind Barracks. Kazuhira Miller: Right. begins to laugh.]. The military hasn't retrieved the information themselves, probably because they no longer know who in the Marines they can trust. You've known the pain of ages. It all seemed so idiotic. The C4 has been planted on the legs. What do you say? Credits roll.]. Nuke came over and rubbed up against our legs, looking for a handout. BB: And the “contest”? Why don’t you join us? And then she tried to take off my nightshirt. you never hear from me again. The question is, which of the two would you like to give a shot at survival? I'm in a cage. What about the Sandinistas? Disappointment only increased my determination. It is no wonder, then, that sooner or later someone would bring in a virus. Kazuhira Miller: I'd like to interrogate her ourselves, but if worse comes to worst, make sure she's dead. Furthermore, joining forces with a faction of the FSLN has expanded their power even more. And, we have confirmation that Big Boss'[s] chopper has lifted off. Then Strangelove showed up, saying she had some miracle Indian cure. It's gotta be off-the-rader... And it's gotta be you. "Resurgence" / "Theme of Tara" Songs: Deja Vu. Kazuhira Miller: The truth – what else? Kazuhira Miller: This is the target. Sensing my anxiety, she took a small tube from her pocket. Since Snake and his soldiers spend so much time fighting, they're setting aside one day a year for peace and relaxation. Ah – hey, hey, what are you – Not And when that’s over? I have not forgotten. Let’s work together. As I sat there feeding them lies, the fish began to bite, and the soldiers began to focus on their prey. They talk up a storm, but they're just having fun. Get up! OK, you, commander! Restraint is a virtue. He ran without even questioning what I was doing. That’s why you insisted on this place. Kazuhira Miller: So what do we do? PAZ: Kazuhira Miller is Big Boss'[s] lieutenant. C-Came because my place, my place is on the BB: You’re giving up and joining my unit? Yes, that's right. She looked away and mumbled, "H-hello there. Kazuhira Miller: What? The crowd blocked the exit. Money…? I'll tell everyone, "We don't concert ourselves with the survival of enemy spies." join me. “I would lay down my Talk! Found in the central watch tower in the Administration Building. real spy. We're at the prison area at the coast. I still cannot fathom such behavior. You told us plenty. Or what about the manual? Drop your However, he does not seem to suspect me. Kaz: What do you say? We’re talking about a military without Viewer! Just the imprint of a lifetime of stories? There are seven of Chico's cassette tapes that you can find throughout the various missions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (to clarify, they cannot all be found in a … enemy. Note: Portions of this tape were also included in the Ground Zeroes ending, both immediately prior to the credits and during the post-credits conversation. I'm using English language, so I will open gz_cassette.lng#eng. What should we do, Master – Master Miller! Gently, carefully, she rubbed the lotion all over my entire body. Everything continues to unfold according to plan. That you too can return to this world, for revenge. Anyway, today that nasty habit got him in trouble. [Soldiers come charging.] There is no chance he does not know. All thanks to you. Wielding a deterrent, all the while unable to reveal its existence. They’re broke, barely any firepower, When did I start having thoughts like this...? You can take a look at (data1 need to be extracted) \master\data1\Assets\tpp\ui\Subtitles\subp\EngVoice\EngText\tape.subp for subtitle file of all cassette tapes in the game. That you talked? I do not know all the details, but apparently that is what Snake and Miller decided. No one suspects I'm neither a teenager nor a student.

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