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It was introduced into this country about 1901. SKU: AGPAP3$* Categories: Deer Resistant Plants, Drought Tolerant Plants, Ornamental Plants, Plant Finder, Trees, Trees for Form and Foliage, Winter Interest Plants. Full Sun. My paperbark maple is growing very slowly, so you may be OK with that, but as Nhbabs said, at some point in time you may run into size issues. griseum) WHZ. Time to ultimate height 20-50 years. In terms of size and growth, the Paperbark Maple is a relatively slow grower, which makes things easy for any plant enthusiast. Rose of sharon grows quite vertically and blooms for a very long time. In commercial settings, this plant would perform brilliantly in a courtyard where a more typical maple would overpower the space. Size: Graft: Price: $14.00: Size: 2 gallon: Price: $50.00: Size: Field grown: Price: $105.00: Posted in Various Other Maples | Tagged acer pennsylvanicum, Erythrocladum, red snakebark | Leave a reply Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum) Posted on April 10, 2012 by admin. The cinnamon colored bark makes this tree easy to spot throughout much of the year. Glabrous, red-brown shoots. Estimated Shipping Time: Most orders ship immediately. The paperbark maple (Acer griseum) is another moderate-size tree, growing 20 to 30 feet tall in zones 4 through 8. Sale Regular price $39.50 at nursery 13 estimated available Size Quantity. Paperbark Maple. SKU: AGPAP5$* Categories: Deer Resistant Plants, Drought Tolerant Plants, Ornamental Plants, Plant Finder, Trees, Trees for Form and Foliage, Winter Interest Plants. It is a slow grower so it will take many years to reach its ultimate size. Available. The Paperback Maple … Commons is a freely licensed media file repository. In the fall the leaves turn shades of orange and red. We can special order out-of-stock items. You won't have to worry about the intense color intimidating your landscape because the manageable size of the Paperback makes it a perfect showpiece for small yards. Maiden, Jun 14, 2020 #1. Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum) Commonly known as Paperbark Maple because of the bark peeling from a smooth golden … Silver maple is a graceful, fast-growing type of maple tree that does best planted in moist locations away from buildings because they tend to drop branches easily. I'm thinking of planting a paperbark maple but am worried about the roots. Size. Adaptable to many soil conditions, however, it grows best in a well-drained, moist soil. Distribution. Acer palm 'Butterfly' from $50.00. Ultimate spread 4-8 metres. POT SIZE GUIDE. leaflets different in size and shape; Fruit Characteristics. Light requirements: Sun. Additive (= A. nikoense var. 6 to (10) m in height, almost as wide when mature. Previous Next. Fall color is orangish red. Foliage Colour: Green. Paperbark Maple is a delightful small tree that reaches 20′-30′ tall by 15′-25′ wide at maturity. Shipping Details. Topping off at 20-30 ft., the Paperbark Maple is a spectacular centerpiece for smaller yards. Sizes & Prices. The bark of the tree is cinnamon to reddish-brown, paper-thin, and it peels trunk and branches in narrow strips. Paperbark Maple. Acer palm 'Kamagata' #6. Description: English: Paperbark Maple taken on June 1st, 2015 in the UBC Botanical Garden. - Do not treat the cut with anything, just let it dry naturally. The Paperbark Maple is a spectacular tree, twenty to twenty-five feet tall, and has incredible year-round beauty. The chestnut-brown bark of both its trunk and branches constantly peels into thin, tight curls, revealing brighter cinnamon-red wood beneath. – Growth Details Growth Size: 30′ height – 25′ width; Sunlight: Sun to Part Shade; At maturity the Paperbark Maple will grow to be about 30 feet tall and a spread of 25 feet. Acer griseum, the paperbark maple (simplified Chinese: 血皮枫; traditional Chinese: 血皮楓; pinyin: xuè pí fēng), is a species of flowering plant in the family Sapindaceae, native to central China. Acer griseum, Paperbark Maple. But the root system on my Japanese maple is much different -- easy to plant under and not a water hog. Well, today’s the day so let’s dive in. Acer griseum (paperbark maple) is a small, slow growing, deciduous tree, which is native to central China. Might have been worse, and then you'd have spent even more for a mediocre result. Acer griseum 5 gl size. Paperbark Maple $ 425.00 – $ 1,295.00. Add to Cart. Paperbark.jpg File size: 273.6 KB Views: 77. paperbark 2.jpg File size: 410.2 KB Views: 77. Paperbark Maple- 5 gl size $ 49.95. Maxim. Fall Foliage is a striking orange-red. They also have aggressive root systems that can infiltrate sewer systems. As noted on the website, some items are seasonal, and may only ship in spring or fall. - The tree will spread but continue to put on height. The paperbark maple was introduced to the West more than a century ago by the intrepid plant collector E.H. Wilson, ... size and habit, vigor and cold hardiness. The Morton Arboretum's online collection catalog lists a total of 14 trees with all but one arriving at the arboretum during the 1950's. Paperbark Maple bark. Japanese Maple Bloom Period: N/A Light: Shade – Part Sun Water: Medium – Wet Size:... View full product details . Information from its description page there is shown below. Acer griseum – Paperbark maple. Acer griseum. Satisfaction guaranteed. The paperbark maple’s compact ultimate size (to 12m), cold-hardiness (USDA Zone 5), pest and disease resistance and broad garden adaptability make it ideal for residential landscapes, but the peeling, cinnamon-red bark and neat trifoliate leaves are the primary attractions. And one of my all-time favourites would have to be the Chinese Paperbark Maple, Acer griseum. Fireburst ® Paperbark Maple: Zone: 5: Height: 25' Spread: 18' Shape: Upright oval Foliage: Dark green, trifoliate Fall Color: Brilliant red Bark: Reddish-brown, smooth with exfoliating papery curls: Superior branch structure, upright and uniform shape, predictable performance and speedy growth are among attributes of this Paperbark Maple cultivar. Size: 2-3 ft. 3-4 ft. Size. Crown Gall (Agrobacterium tumefaciens) Environmental Damage. Add to Cart. Acer griseum is found in the Chinese provinces of Gansu, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Shanxi and Sichuan, at altitudes of 1,500–2,000 m (4,921–6,562 ft). Size: Small Medium Large Exposure/ Light Requirements: Full Shade Full Sun Partial Sun/Shade Pests and Problems: Bacterial Disease. It’s perfect for growing as a small specimen tree in a mixed border or front garden, where its beauty can be fully appreciated. Quantity. Plant Height & Spread: 3M x 2M. Slow growing. Common name: Paperbark maple. The paperbark maple … The Acer 'Griseum ' is a standard, multistem shrub. This celebrated ornamental tree’s claim to fame is its honey-brown to cinnamon-colored bark, which peels like Birch bark and glows like amber when backlit by the sun. Quantity. Height: 25' Spread: 15-20' Native: No. Leaves on this trifoliate maple are exquisite in form and color when emerging, as well as in their brilliant fall display. It will grow best in a sheltered location, ideally in a moist but well drained soil, and makes a perfect specimen in a small garden. Nursery Pickup. Summary. Quantity: Quantity Add to Cart. Shoots. A must for anyone excited about the ornamental attributes of exfoliating bark: Layers of copper "paper" curl away from the trunk creating one of the most interesting and entertaining trunks you'll ever see. Add to cart. Its dark green, three-palmate leaves colour splendidly in autumn turning the whole crown deep crimson or red. Paperbark maple. Original file ‎ (2,448 × 3,264 pixels, file size: 2.88 MB, MIME type: image/jpeg) This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons. Foliage Type: Deciduous. Characteristics. Paperbark Maple- 5 gl size quantity. WHZ 6b . It has great winter interest with the peeling red bark. Hardiness Zone: 5. Add to cart. Key Features. Just give us a call! Plant Type: Multi-Stemmed Shrub. It's very slow growing, so it's not for the impatient … Cultivation Grow in a moist but well-drained soil Propagation Propagate by seed or grafting. griseum. Price includes installation & warranty. If you want you could train a new upright shoot as the central leader. Paperbark Maple. How large a pot should you consider, how tall, how wide can it get? Drought Drowning and Edema Fungal Disease . Quick Shop Acer palm 'Butterfly' $50.00. Growing from a large shrub into a small to medium-sized tree, often multiple stemmed, reaching a height of circa 10 m (rarely higher). Small tree with open, oval crown becoming rounded with age, often multi-stemmed, picturesque large shrub with striking bark. Ultimate height 8-12 metres. The papery bark exfoliates to reveal cinnamon-brown underbark. Paperbark Maple Bloom Period: N/A Light: Sun – Part Shade Water: Medium Size: Height 20... View full product details . Photographs of winter, summer and fall habit of Acer griseum (Paper bark maple). As the name suggests, the Paperbark Maple has magnificent bark colour, which peels on a yearly basis to display cinnamon coloured under-bark.  Thankfully even as a young tree, this specimen does not disappoint, producing the bark displays from an early age.  The leaves are dark green, small and trifoliate, producing some good hints of red in the autumn time. Papery orange-brown bark peels to reveal a copper-colored trunk. 4 pictures total. In late spring, the paperbark maple awakens from its winter slumber. Acer griseum Characteristics. Like many other types of maple trees, this Canadian maple tree prefers full-sun exposure and a variety of soil conditions. Anthracnose [Trees and Shrubs] (Many genus and species involved) … Acer griseum has massive branches that thicken with age creating a winter display of exquisitely peeling, orange-copper bark; in spring and summer, trifoliate leaves of rich green provide shade; and in fall, they change to brilliant red. This Acer is renowned for its shedding bark. This tree is reliably hardy in the Champlain Valley and likley further into the state. Size: Clear selection. Particularly noted for its exfoliating copper orange to reddish brown bark. Have you thought about any large shrubs? Plant a specimen of the beautiful Paperbark Maple where its many features will provide drama throughout the year. The most important feature and at the same time its greatest orna… Read more. I have a red maple (acer rubrum) with a very extensive and thirsty root system that dries out everything underneath it and is destroying a nearby patio. It has attractive green foliage that turns orangey red in the Autumn. How to grow. griseum Franch. A small, oval-rounded tree. Description A wonderful and unique small maple growing to 25' tall. paired wings; wings 60 to 90 degrees apart; winged seed about 1" - 1.5" long ; Paperbark Maple. But what exactly does this mean for your Paperbark Maple? The Paperbark appreciates a lightly shaded site and regular moisture. Messages: 6,592 Likes Received: 4,090 Location: Hampshire England Zone 8b UK @Maiden Hi, first of all the leaves are nothing like … Paperbark Maple- 3 gl size $ 36.95. The Paperbark Maple has dark green foliage. - That's a pretty big paperbark to plant already, I don't think a larger size would have made any difference. You can help. The Paperbark Maple is a native of China. Available. × Paperbark Maple Growing and Maintenance Tips. Size. Acerholic Esteemed Contributor Forums Moderator VCBF Cherry Scout Maple Society. Paperbark Maple Acer griseum. Noted for its exfoliating bark and showy fall color, award-winning Acer griseum (Paperbark Maple) is a small spreading deciduous tree that is highly desirable. Call to Order! It can be grown as a specimen tree or multi-stemmed plant. Size . China, in the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hubei and Henan. Paperbark Maple is an exquisite specimen tree that you’ll want to showcase in the most prominent place possible in your landscape. Nursery Pickup. Reply. Habit. var. Available at nursery only More info about our plant sizes. Paperbark Maple- 3 gl size quantity. Acer griseum 3 gl size. Size. Regular price $0.00 Product Variant. Acer griseum is a slow-growing, spreading tree with dark red or chestnut bark, which flakes and peels back to reveal new, smooth, orange-red bark beneath. Paperbark Maple.jpg File size: 373.6 KB Views: 74. Other common names paperbark maple Synonyms Acer nikoense var. Important properties. Paperbark Maple, Acer nikoense (Miq.) (855) 935-4692 9AM-6PM ET M-F. 9:30AM-6PM ET Sat & Sun. Size Available Price Per 25+ Qty; Treeform 35mm BBC: Clump 125cm 10gal: Clump 150cm BBC: You must be logged in to view availability and prices.

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